Beyoncé - Party (Mind Made Remix)

Stream Last Year

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S/o Groupon LOL

send ya boy white H&M tees in M. This was fun.

Last night, shoutout my girl and my bro for being there for me when I really need it. I feel loved. It feels good.

My game is published in the Google Play Store!!! Check out Ghost Hunter available on android phones. It was super fun making this. I made the graphics and produced the theme song. It’s great to know people are going to see and hear my art while playing a video game. So download it on your phone or grab someones android and start playing!

So, I’m designing a new video game for androids and I really liked the setting and the character so I spent a little time to make this animation. I call this No Reflection. It’s a nice add to my gif collection, which is getting pretty big o_O

I’ll give more info on the game with time. It should be releasing soon tho.